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On behalf of the Davis, Montgomery, and Monaghan families I am requesting financial support to bring a hero, husband, father, and grandfather HOME from a dream vacation, turned nightmare.

While traveling with his wife, Sheila, in Rome, Ted tripped on a cobblestone path and took a very hard spill. Days after, complications  set in and Ted was moved to the hospital on board. The cruise line then rerouted the ship to Athens to seek emergency medical care. After being in intensive care in Athens, Greece since October 18th, It is uncertain if Ted's fall is related to the labored breathing.  After being sedated for several days, Ted's medical team has stopped the sedation medication and are in the process of waking him.  They're hopeful he'll stabilize enough within a few days to be medically air lifted to a local hospital in the  states , with sufficient medical staff to escort and support ongoing treatment. 

As of now Sheila has been in Athens with Sean and Alicia for a week and is unsure of when she will be able to leave the country to bring Ted home. We just learned  that the insurance company will not cover any transportation costs back to the states. 

The Air ambulance will cost over 100k and with the ongoing expenses of day to day life for  the four of them every donation is greatly appreciated. 

Our family is so blessed to have such amazing friends and family who have put so much time and effort to seeing this great man returned home.

We are raising funds to assist with the Medevac Services from Faliron Medical Center in Athen's to Loma Linda Hospital in Murrieta, CA. where he can receive continued medical attention with his family near to support him.

Ted spent 23 years as a Radioman in the United States Coast Guard, served two tours in Vietnam, and retired a Chief Warrant Officer.  He and his family, with their unwavering service and sacrifice deserve to be by each other's side.

Please, please, please consider a donation to help the family bring Ted home.  We are also asking for prayers to go out to the Davis family.



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