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The Short Saga

                                   of our
                      Ancient Communicator

Twas on a hot summer's night on Dauphin Island, Alabama when it occurred to me that the Coast Guard "CW" Operators Association needed a "Ancient Communicator". So with little, or, no more thought I posted in the July 1997 issue of Comm-One; "that by the virtue of my first handling Coast Guard CW Traffic in 1950, as a brand new RM3, aboard NRPD the CGC McLane I was laying claim as the Association's Ancient Communicator title.  August issue of the "Rag" contained my official "Dethronement" by Larry Polito, proclaiming his first CW traffic handling job was aboard the CGC Cherokee in 1947. My reign was short lived, as was Larry's, by virtue of Bob Flynn's sending (November 1997) in RMC Archie Edmiston's membership application, with 1937 being Archie's 1st handling of Coast Guard CW traffic. The wheels were set in motion to officially make Chief Edmiston our Ancient Communicator #1 and before we could, remember procrastination prevailed in those days, procure a suitable certificate for Archie, CWO Otto Freytag laid claim, in January 1998, to the honor based on his being a RM Striker in 1927.  That all being said, RMC Edmiston was, for two months, our first official Ancient Communicator, and that me lads & lassies is the rest of the story. 

#1 RMC Archie Edminston
#2 CWO Otto Freytag
#3 RMC James "Jiggsy" Donahue
#4 RM2 Louis Bakula
#5 CRM George (xtra-dit) Lucchi
#6 RM3 Lois Bouton 

Ancient Communicator #5

​CRM George A Lucchi ZUT-1323

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Ancient Communicator #6

Honorary Chief Petty Officer x-RM3 Lois Bouton ZUT-1616​

aka "The Coast Guard Lady"