At the beginning of the tour we were introduced to one of the many patients at BAMC. This young Wounded Warrier had extensive 3rd degree burns over his entire body and at the time of our vist had undergone a multitude of reconstructive surgeries.  He was a amazing young man with just as amazing attitude.  Unfortunately he did not survive, some time later,  another reconstructive procedure.  That day and that tour of BAMC was certainly a wake up call for me, if not all of the CGCWOA members who were there.  Immediately after the tour we gathered at the hospitality room of the Airport Hilton and in response as to what we, as a group, could do to help our wounded warriors, Lupe Malchoff suggested we purchase Walmart Gift Cards.  The hat was passed and with a  additional contribution from the Associations checkbook we made our first, very generous donation to Ft Sam Houston Fischer House. As of October 2015 we have donated over $11,000 dollars in gift cards for our Wounded Warriors.

I know the economy is in a rut, gas prices are up

COLA adjustments are not happening this year,

however if you have an extra buck or two of

disposable, or otherwise, income hanging around

how about sending a check to Andy to purchase

Walmart Gift Cards for the Wounded Warriors being

treated at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

These gift cards help provide food and
shelter for the families of the

patients of BAMC.
100% of all monies received will be for the purchase of $25 and $50 Walmart Gift cards. Lets do our thing to help our heros have a memorable 2015 Christmas Season

During our Reunion 2007

in San Antonio RMCS

Jack & Lupe Malchoff

arranged a CGCWOA

group tour of

BAMC facilities.

Brooks Army Medical Center

Ft Sam Houston, ​Texas


December 15, 2015
Well, we’ve done it again. This year we were able to collect $1,425.00 so that we donated 57 Walmart cards to the Brooke Army Medical Center Fisher Houses. They have just received the cards by certified mail and I expect a appreciative letter from them shortly. I will include it in next Month’s Comm One. Good job by everyone that contributed.