​            ​​​​We are throwing out to the membership a challenge for us to get, as a minimum, 25% of our members to commit to supporting our shot at the Coast Guard "CW" Operators Association becoming a Plank Owner of our National Coast Guard Museum.

            During & subsequent to Hurricane Katrina we, as a group, donated $10,000.00 to Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (Old CG Welfare) which was a couple thousand more than donated by the  CG Chief Petty Officers Association and the CG Warrant Officers Association combined.

            Our esprit de corps and comrade-ship of being a Coast Guard Radioman is unparalleled amongst all of the other ratings in the seagoing services.  This is another opportunity for us to show our camaraderie to the rest of the Coast Guard by being one of the first service affiliated organizations to become Plank Owners of our Museum. If our past performance is any indicator of what we can do for the Museum Plank Owner Program we will be at the top of the pile.

​                 When you have completed your EFT donation and submitted it go to​ the "Join CGCWOA" page on this site and fill in:

Your name:_____________

Your email:_____________

Message: "I have started my donation"

Subject: Museum Plank Owner

Then submit it.  It will come to my email box and when

we have the reached the requisite 25% of our active membership I will notify the Museum that the CGCWOA has reached Plank Owner Status. 

​The following is an excerpt from the Museum's Plank Owner Page . . .


​​​​      Let’s Make Coast Guard History Together

 One of the many prestigious designations that can be bestowed upon an individual in maritime service is that of “Plankowner.” In nautical terms, a Plankowner is any individual who served as a member of the original crew comprised to build and commission a new vessel. The origin of the phrase denotes that this individual was actively engaged when the ship was being constructed, and served in the unit when fully commissioned and placed into service. As a member of the original crew, an individual earns the enduring title, “Plankowner.”

Consistent with this maritime tradition, the National Coast Guard Museum Association is proud to offer our supporters an opportunity to be a National Coast Guard Museum Plankowner.  You simply need to establish a monthly donation of an amount you feel appropriate, and maintain this support of the project through commissioning.  You may utilize either an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) deduction
or pledge a monthly donation through other means by working with our staff (options are provided below).***  Our Plankowners will ‘heave around together’ until we commission the Museum.

* NCGMA will process recurring donation payments to your individual account prior to the 5th of each month.

When you have completed and submitted your recurring monthly donation, you will receive an email thanking you for your participation, along with a temporary Plankowner certificate which will be mailed to you. Once the Museum is constructed and transferred to the United States Coast Guard, a formal signed and stamped certificate, suitable for framing, will be delivered to those who have continued their recurring donation through commissioning (Opening Day).

Organizations or their affiliated chapters (e.g. Units, CG"CW"OA, CPOA or CPOA regional chapters; Auxiliary, Districts, Divisions, or Flotillas; CGA Alumni or individual Class Year groups, etc.) interested in earning their own recognition can achieve Plankowner status and a certificate through 25% or greater participation of its members.

All contributions received from our valued Plankowners will be applied to their over-all cumulative giving total.


*** This option has been removed  from the posting on the Museum Web-Site***