Birds of a feather stick together

Looks like they go to the same barber

"ZUT-CW Forever" {RM's Motto}

Good net Fred !! yes RE Hi Jack ! I should have said "OLA Jack" I'm a ways from 45wpm give me another 20 birthdays and I might start to approach the magic number.
Wx today was just great. especially for CLEVELAND !! it got to 48 deg.
Well its time for a knap - most all on the net are to young for such a thing. 
Thanks for keeping our tradition alive
73 RB. aka RaLph W8BHJ

Just a second I'm catching my breath after you hauling me over the coals on the net Ralph..You almost approached my typing speed. I thought that dickens Ralph has been practicing.
Yep, it was a good net. We had 12 or 13 fellas up. Most signals were pretty fair. I enjoyed it to. I love youse guys that are conversant in the code Although Dave forgot the 'brevity' clause in our radio school lectures and overloaded his memory keyer.
Sam, same here. It was like a window opened briefly and closed up suddenly. Of course ramjet had to tell me he was busy as if I didn't realize that from past history.
I was very happy to hear that NNHA/Fred and MA had broken their drought on Bingo wins. Fred when you say you were busy at the bar was that on the inside of the bar outside of the working or drinking.
Sam...loved Hortons out at Auke bay and Chandlers on the loop road. Bought a .44 mag and .22 rifle from Horton and the 300 mag from Chandlers and all of the 1/4 ounce lures for Dollies that you'd ever need. Chandler was doing a mount of a 125 lb King salmon. Biggest darn salmon I ever saw. He had it in a chest freezer and it's girth was just about as long as it's length.
I've been on the go most of the day. Time to relax. I don't even get to take a nap today. Ohhh the pain of it...
73 fc/mj ​aka Fred K7ZUT Op

Well Fred I did advertise you would respond to up to 45 wpm.
Maybe you were QPC when that went out.
Dg aka Dave AD5MH

​Today was the day to remove all the XMAS wreaths placed weeks ago...out at Barrancas National Cemetery, aboard NAS Pensacola. Lots of volunteers got the job done. Couple photos of me and my team member...Capt. Walt Viglienzone..CGA '65. CG Family/Pcola Retiree Council members participated in the laying and cleanup of the wreaths this year. (last photo at the Cubi Club Bar at the Naval Aviation Museum..patterned after the bar in the Philipines). Jack

Yes I must have been QPC/E at that time. Don't bother me I can fake it at 15 and at 45. I know you guys so well by now and what you are going to say, except for you of course Dave, that I could probably miss the entire net and more/less figure out what each said. It's a wonderful profession. I guess I should have said 'it WAS a wonderful profession'. Good to get Dick/K6KSG back up there and of course Jack.
Onward and upward. Maybe some day after the revolution they will start hiring radio officers again. Of course most of us will have to hire someone to push the wheelchair up to the position..

fc ​aka Fred K7ZUT Op

USCG "Forever" Stamps

E-Mail from Jack Sprague 11/12/15

Pix from Coast Guard Family

Pensacola Retiree Council Dinner

attended by:
Jeannie Pennewell
Mat Sprague
Lonnie Jones
Walt Viglianzone
Jay Taylor
Ron Dewire
Bill Hayden
Mike Goldsby
Cheryl Goldsby
Jack Sprague
Charlie Sprague
Gordy Kampert
Jack Drew

January 4, 2016             from Jack Sprague

Ed Note: 12/21/15 Local Postal Clerk sez they are not printing anymore of these.

Series of e-mails regarding  1/28/16 ZUT Net

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