During his years in the Coast Guard Ralph Davis drew a large number of cartoons. They were often posted on cutter and station bulletin boards, and sometimes published in newsletters such as ZUT-REP and COMM-ONE -- much to the delight of his fellow RMs, not to mention the chagrin of some commands. 
     His cartoons were usually topical in nature, dealing with the day-to-day routine of shipboard and station enlisted life, commenting on Radio Gang events and issues of the day, and taking personal jabs at the idiosyncrasies of his fellow RMs. Many of them were not "politically correct" if judged by the standards of the present day, PC-centric Coast Guard -- and some of them pushed the PC envelope even by Old-Guard "Hooligan" standards. Much of his cartoon work has been lost forever, either becoming tattered and torn from bulletin board life, or being surreptitiously "disappeared" by oversensitive supervisors before they could be copied. (Remember, much of this time was in the pre-Xerox era.) Some, however, have been salvaged, and we are proud to offer a small sampling of his work. 
     If any of you have hung onto additional cartoons by Ralph, please take the time to scan them, and email them
zut801@mac.com for posting -- and if any of you know the "full story" behind any of the cartoons, write it up and pass it along.

This one is from the days Bill Kortlang (RIP) was CO of NMC and Bill Shaw (RIP) was XO.  

Ralph's Toons