No, MCPOCG8 (Vince Patton) is not for sale, he is modeling the latest addition to our Ships Store.    U.S. Coast Guard Radioman (SPARKS) Ball Cap's.  $25.00 + $5.00 Packaging and Postage to Andy

​and yours will be on the way.

​​RMCS Gary Hansen, Prop

​Superior Chief

Laser Cut Desk Displays

Association Logo on laser cut wood in 2 sizes

and 2 different colors to choose from.  The lighter color wood is

6 inches tall and the darker one is just over 6-1/2 inches tall.

Personalized with Name, Rate/Rank, ZUT #, Ham Call Sign

or whatever is your pleasure.  $25.00 per unit plus postage.

Send your check & Personalized Engraving instructions to: 

CWO Andy Scharf

2015 NW Taylor

Topeka, Kansas 66608-1940

( The 30 year old girl that makes these,  had cancer in her early 20’s and the chemo that killed her canceralso killed the left side of her heart.  She had implanted LVAD’s for over five years and got a heart transplant a year ago on Valentines Day 2017.)

Jim Yount's Ship Store

​​​Here is the first installment of your ships store inventory, plus solicitation from the membership for ideas and or suggestions for new merchandise you would like to see

​available on this page.   Have several designs in the works for new Ball Caps and New Tee-shirts.  Prototype's will be shown

in the January 2018 issue.  CGCWOA Windbreakers and Jackets are still available. Call or E-mail for details on pricing and ordering.

Current (15 Dec 2017) Inventory

1.   7 ea Challenge Coins
2.  14 ea Lapel Pins

3.  2 ea September in Seattle Coffee Cups
4.   5 ea 3 Flag Desk Set
5.  4 x 6 Inch American Flag

6.  4 x 6 Coast Guard Flag
7.  4 x 6 CGCWOA Flag
8.  1 ea   Digitized (CD) ZUT REPS 1962-1967
9. 3 Copies Original ZUT REPS Spiral Bound Hard Copy
10.  CD's Recordings of 2007 ZUT Nets
(a) June 9th
(b) June 23rd

(c) July 21st & 28th
(d) August 4th & 11th
(e) August 18th & 25th
(f) September 1st & 8th
(g) September 22nd & 29th
11.  2 ea.USCG Hats
12.  1 ea CW/Zeta Upsilon/Tau Hat
13.  3 ea Cape May 2016  XL Reunion Tees
14. 1 ea, Grand Haven 2006 Med Reunion Tee

15. 1 ea, Biloxi 2015 Large Reunion Tee







116 pages printed on both sides of Original ZUTREPS

compiled by RMCS Don Gardner ZUT-252 from files provided by RMCS Wink Wingender ZUT-690 & RM2 Richard Perkins ZUT-216.

Book is out of print, however if you would like to have your own copy of "ZUT" history please email  The price including shipping will depend on the number orders received.

As of September 30, 2017 WE HAVE 3 COPIES ON HAND


This is the proof we received  from Dick after he designed our September in Seattle Reunion Coffee cup. RIP Dick

N E W   4-13-2018

Challenge Coin

Hard copy of the roster $15.00 postpaid, E-mail copy $5.00

4" x 6" Desk Flag

Three Flag (4 x 6 in.) Desk Set w/Heavy Base


Individual Flags $5 Each